Wireless LAN (Wi-Fi)

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eduroam provides the fastest Wi-Fi experience for staff and students.

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1. Go to Wi-Fi in settings
2. Select “Eduroam
3. For “EAP Method”, choose “PEAP
4. For “Phase 2 authentication”, choose “MSCHAPv2
5. For CA Certificate, choose “Do not validate” or “unspecified
6. Enter your Identity which is your StudentNumber@uhi.ac.uk
7. Leave “Anonymous Identity” empty
8. Enter your password. This is the same as your computer account.
9. Tap on Connect

1. Go to Wi-Fi in settings
2. Select “Eduroam
3. Enter your Username which is your StudentNumber@uhi.ac.uk
4. Enter your password. This is the same as your computer account.
5. Select “Join” at the top right.
6. If a certificate page appears, select “Trust” at the top right of the screen.

You can also try the automatic eduroam connection tool here.

Please contact the Servicedesk for further assistance.

Phone: 01463 279150
Email: servicedesk@uhi.ac.uk
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New Wi-Fi

The UHI are currently rolling out a new upgraded Wi-Fi infrastructure across all our campuses in response to student feedback on the importance of Wi-Fi to them.

The demand for Wi-Fi services is continually increasing as we all rely on more and more services online throughout our daily lives. Therefore, our legacy systems would no longer be able to support the increasing learning, teaching, collaboration and everyday use of our wireless network provision.

Therefore, we are rolling out a new Wi-Fi system and replacing all our access points to address this demand for years to come.

We want to support mobile working across our campuses. To create a dynamic environment where students and staff can engage and collaborate online.

We want students to be part of a community both in our buildings and online, and to provide online connectivity as a core component of our ICT service provision.

Students and Staff should use eduroam

The 'eduroam' service allows University staff and students to use Wi-Fi services at thousands of participating sites worldwide. This service provides the fastest and most stable connectivity on our campuses.

FE students can use eduroam at UHI but will not be able to access eduroam at other institutions due to content restriction issues.


WiFi Guest

There is a WiFi guest service that is available to connect to for guests, this service is hosted by Sky (more info).

Click Start_WiFi_here SSID to connect to our guest Wi-Fi service.

If you are able to connect to this WiFi service but cannot get logged in please contact Sky Wifi Support on 0844 241 1909


Give us your feedback

If you have any feedback or comments regarding the quality of the University’s wireless service then we would really like to hear from you. Please email your comments to servicedesk@uhi.ac.uk