6th International St Magnus Conference 'The Northern Isles and the Arctic. Environment, Heritage and Tourism'

18-20 April 2024, Shetland, Scotland.

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Shetland Museum and Archive
Lerwick, Shetland, UK

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email: ins@uhi.ac.uk

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Cliffs on a sea front with crashing waves

The Institute for Northern Studies, University of the Highlands and Islands, would like to welcome abstracts for panel sessions, papers and poster proposals for the 6th International St Magnus Conference, which will be held in the Shetland Islands, Scotland, 18-20 April 2024.

The theme of the conference is The Northern Isles and the Arctic: Environment, Heritage and Tourism.

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The Northern Isles have long had an intimate connection with the Arctic. In the Middle Ages they were part the same polity Norgesveldet along with Iceland and Greenland. In the 19th century explorers like the Orcadian John Rae pioneered new routes across the Arctic, while whalers from the isles frequented the Davis Straits hunting the whale and interacting with the indigenous population. Currently, their geographical position provides justification for Scotland to regard itself as the most northerly non-Arctic nation. The Scottish Government’s Arctic Policy was launched in Orkney in 2019 highlighting the centrality of the islands to Scotland’s Arctic ambitions. The Institute for Northern Studies UHI with its involvement in the University of the Arctic carries out Arctic research, exploring these deep and abiding connections. This conference seeks to share knowledge of, and celebrate the Northern Isles relationship with the Arctic, past, present and future.

  1.  Shared Histories – Exploring the historical relationship between the Northern Isles and the Arctic.
  2. Changing Environments - The impact of Climate Change on the Northern Isles and the Arctic.
  3. Preserving and Promoting Heritage - What lessons can we share?
  4. An Extractive Industry? - The Impact of Tourism on the Islands in the North.
  5. Northern Synergies – How will the relationship between the Isles and the Arctic develop in future?

For more information about the conference please visit the conference website 

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