Being and becoming: changescapes in childhood, youth and sustainability

An inaugural professorial lecture by Professor Vicky Johnson

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UHI Inverness
1 Inverness Campus

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A photo of Professor Vicky Johnson on Nairn beach

Attendees will hear from Vicky about her journey to becoming Professor of Childhood, Youth and Sustainability at UHI - revisiting, remembering and rebuilding throughout her time as a practitioner researcher and advocate across international settings and entering into the world of academia later in life.

Starting and ending as a geographer, Vicky also reflects on her applied research with inter- and transdisciplinary teams and across cultural contexts, in landscapes and with communities facing continuous change and uncertainty.

To make sustainability a reality, Vicky has taken inspiration from the children and young people who have participated in her research, surfacing their experiences of inequalities and fragile environments.

She also presents her ‘Changescape’, her key theoretical contribution to knowledge across childhood, youth and sustainability. Some examples of her historical and more recent monographs and books edited and written with colleagues on these issue include: Listening to smaller voices (ActionAid 1995); Stepping Forwards (IT Publications 1998); Children and young people’s participation in global contexts: Going beyond voice (Routledge 2018); Youth and positive uncertainty (Practical Action Publishers 2022).

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