Beyond the Raid: Researching Viking Long-Term Presence in Iberia with Dr Irene Garcia

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Dr Irene Garcia Losquino

Beyond the Raid: Researching Viking Long-Term Presence in Iberia with Dr Irene Garcia

For over 200 years, the Iberian Peninsula was a frequent destination for Norse groups, who famously raided the coast —and inland territories— of the peninsula. The raids were habitual, at times yearly, sometimes of a lesser magnitude but on several occasions undertaken by large armies involved in complex campaigns. While the knowledge of this persistent raiding is well-established, what interaction took place beyond the raids is less well-known: was there long-term presence in different regions? Was there settlement? Is there evidence for prolonged interaction of a non-violent nature? This talk will evaluate the evidence for such interactions and draw conclusions on the long-term presence of Vikings in Iberia.


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