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Highlands and Islands 2020

Many thanks to those of you who attended the Highlands and Islands 2020 event on Monday 18th March. Photos, podcasts and other info from the event will be appearing on here over the coming weeks so please keep an eye on this site.

Please find the PowerPoint presentations that were given by 3 of our speakers, Andrew Copus, Ciaran Dearle and Laurent Sens.

You may remember the Moray Firth Media Trust ESF funded students who were at the event doing interviews with speakers and delegates before and after the debate. They have finished editing all the podcasts and you can see all the finished results on their website as follows:

We were delighted with the press interest surrounding the event, here are a couple of links to coverage received in the national press: (1227 minutes in)

Please do not forget to also take a minute to answer a quick question on our online survey monkey questionnaire,