Whisky Distilling in the Highlands and Islands: missing pieces of our post-medieval archaeology

In this University of the Highlands and Islands Archaeology Institute seminar Darroch Bratt, PhD candidate, will discuss how the archaeology of whisky distilling, both legal and illicit, fits into our understanding of the post-medieval Highlands and Islands.

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Ragnhild Ljosland
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Darroch Bratt, photo by Ben Aris.
Darroch Bratt, photo by Ben Aris.

Drawing on historical and archaeological evidence Bratt will demonstrate how his PhD research has attempted to integrate the distilling of whisky into the archaeology of the region and how the historical archaeology of distilling fits into an expanding understanding of rural commercial practice. The huge variety in the archaeology of illicit distilling will be explored and it will be shown that early licensed distilling represents an almost untapped archaeological resource in the region.

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