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Dr Victoria Whitworth

BA, MA, DPhil, Lecturer in Nordic Studies

Centre for Nordic Studies
University of the Highlands and Islands
Kiln Corner
KW15 1QX

t: +44 (0)1856 569309


Available to talk to the media about

  • Picts
  • Vikings
  • Anglo-Saxon
  • Medieval art
  • Historical fiction


Dr Victoria Whitworth specialises in interdisciplinary study of Early Medieval Britain. These days she calls herself a visual historian, as a way of emphasising her fascination with material culture and symbolic imagery, and their interplay with texts of all kinds, while stopping short of claiming to be either an archaeologist or art historian. Her doctoral research and subsequent publications were on the development of the concept of Christian burial and associated beliefs and practices in Anglo-Saxon and Anglo-Scandinavian England. Latterly, she has been most beguiled by the ninth to eleventh century stone sculpture of Britain, Ireland and Scandinavia, and the complex evidence for social and cultural relations embedded therein.

Under the name V.M.Whitworth, she also writes historical thrillers set in the tenth century, and she is increasingly interested from an academic point of view in the interface between writing history and writing historical fiction, and in the potential of using the creative imagination as a research tool.

Current research

Early Medieval Sculpture of England and Scotland