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Careers: Options with a degree

This session on Friday 26th April will introduce the range of options open to students after completing a degree, including graduate training schemes, postgraduate study and building a career in your local area.

Ths event will take place between 12.30 - 1.30 by video conference, with the following rooms booked across UHI :

  • Inverness College L-C9
  • Perth College Studio 6 (Room 107)
  • Moray College LRC002
  • Lews Castle College Studio 5
  • Orkney College OC-S2
  • Shetland College Studio 4
  • Jabber code 48799
  • SMO Suite 2
  • North Highland College CfEE NHCS15, NHCS9 , NHCS10


For further details and to make an additional room booking please contact Helen.Anton@uhi.ac.uk

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