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Careers: Options with an HNC/D

This session on Friday 3rd May will focus on the range of positions available to students graduating form an HNC or HND, including further study, employment and training.

Ths event will take place between 12.30 - 1.30 by video conference, with the following rooms booked across UHI :

  • Inverness College L-C9
  • Perth College Studio 6 (Room 107)
  • Moray College LRC002
  • Lews Castle College Studio 5
  • Orkney College OC-S2
  • Shetland College Studio 4
  • Jabber code 48799
  • SMO Suite 2
  • North Highland College CfEE NHCS15, NHCS9 , NHCS10


For further details and to make an additional room booking please contact Helen.Anton@uhi.ac.uk

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