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University delivers first seminar to the Falkland Islands

The University of the Highlands and Islands’ latest series of lunchtime business seminars is reaching further across the world than originally planned.

The seminars, which are designed to help enhance links between the university and its 13 academic partners and the business community, have found a new audience in the Falkland Islands.

“To ensure that we reach the entire university area, all of the seminars can be accessed via our video conferencing system,” said Gary I Campbell, the university’s key account director. “The system can also be accessed via a personal computer, hence, in theory anyone can join in from anywhere in the world.”

The technology, which was developed to allow the university to include students from all over the Highlands and Islands in classroom situations, also allows the Falklands attendees to participate fully in the seminar.

Tommorow's (Friday) seminar, entitled ‘How to make sure you go to jail if you’re a company director’, caught the eye of the Falkland Islands’ Chamber of Commerce.

“The reason for this was that they are starting to work more closely with UK businesses as the oil and gas fields around the islands are opened up. Through the FalkLink intermediary company, some of the Chamber members are now being offered the possibility of directorships with UK companies and as such, they want to know a bit about what they might be getting into,” explained Gary I Campbell.

Steve Dent, a member of the Falkland Islands Chamber of Commerce explained the rationale of linking up with the university: “Being located as we are in the South Atlantic, means that the cost of bringing a subject matter expert over from the UK can be very costly. I look forward to developing the range of active two-way educational and knowledge exchanges available in the Falkland Islands, with the support of the University of the Highlands and Islands remote lecture facilities. We share a great deal of history and culture with many of the Scottish Islands, it's just that we are a few thousand miles further away.”

David Stewart of FalkLink said: “Being based in the Highlands and the North of Scotland, we at FalkLink are keen to develop strong linkage between the Falkland Islands and the UK. We are grateful to the University of the Highlands and Islands for their support. Technology has enabled the world to become a smaller place, and our hope is to see communications and knowledge transfer between the UK and the Falklands support the development of increased business and social ties between the two communities.”

Friday’s seminar, which is one of a series entitled ‘Business Lunches with UHI’, also includes lunch for those coming along in person in Inverness.

Gary I Campbell said: “The only difference from connecting up with our Scottish Island counterparts is that the Falklands are three hours behind us. As such, the only change we’ve had to make for our South Atlantic colleagues is a change of title to “Business Breakfast” – other than that, we’re just delighted to be able to connect up to another island.”