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Perth employee and student honoured in awards

Friday 15 August 2014
Perth employee and student honoured in awards

Aisling Goodey

A student and member of staff from Perth College UHI have been honoured in the fifth annual University of the Highlands and Islands’ Student Association Awards. Aisling Goodey was named as Student Representative of the Year and Tina Riddell won the Best Personal Academic Tutor category.

Aisling Goodey, from Comrie in Perthshire, Perth College UHI representative and subject network student officer for computing and IT, was nominated as Student Representative of the Year for her hard work and efficiency.

One of her fellow students explained: “Aisling works tirelessly to represent the many students that fall under her remit. She is always the first rep to hand in her attendance form for executive meetings and student councils and contributes with clear, concise and important motions. Her input is respected by students and staff alike.

Another remarked: “Aisling is a great example of how student reps work. Not only does she engage on a regular basis with her students, but she compiles and analyses the information in order to present it to the people who can make a difference.”

Speaking about her award, Aisling said: “There are some fantastic representatives in the university, so I’m really pleased to have been given this award. UHISA exists to make sure students get the most out of their experience at university and I'm so glad to be part of that.”

Tina Riddell, a learning and teaching leader who lives in Cherrybank, Perth, won the Best Personal Academic Tutor category for her approachability and her desire to ensure every student reaches their potential.

One student commented: “When any of Tina’s students are in need of advice or help, her door is always open and she is always willing to help. No matter how small or large an issue, she knows the right thing to say and exactly the right people to speak to. She truly puts her students at the heart of what she does.”

Another said: “Tina takes pride in ensuring that each and every one of her students is doing the best they can.”

Tina was pleased to receive this recognition from students, saying: “I am delighted to receive the award for Best Personal Academic Tutor, it’s a pleasure working with the students and the award means all the more coming from them.”

Organised by UHISA, the UHI Students’ Association, the awards recognise excellence in seven categories. The other winners were:

•    Best Research or Dissertation Supervisor, Melanie Smith - Inverness College UHI
•    Most Inspiring Lecturer, Kate Hayes - Inverness College UHI
•    Best Support Staff, Jenny MacDonald - Argyll College UHI
•    Most Engaging Video Conference Tutor, Gill Berkeley - Moray College UHI
•    Best Assessment Feedback, Annie Lamb - Moray College UHI

The University of the Highlands and Islands was one of the first institutions to work with the Higher Education Academy and National Union of Students to introduce student-led teaching awards. They have now been adopted throughout most of the United Kingdom.

UHISA president Rachel Parker said: “It is truly inspiring to judge the UHISA awards. They celebrate excellence within the university, enabling students to commend those whose dedication has benefited them in their time studying here and they demonstrate how much students value being able to provide positive feedback. I would like to congratulate all the winners as students have such a vital role in the function of a university and we appreciate this opportunity to reward those that have made the experience of students an excellent one.”

Dr Iain Morrison, dean of students at the university, added: “These awards are highly valued by the recipients because they are chosen by the people who matter most to them: our students. Each winner, and the many other nominees, should be proud of the transformative influence of their work that has been recognised by learners in our region.”

The winners will all receive a trophy and certificate.