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College performance indicators 2013-14

The Scottish Funding Council published its 2013-14 College Performance Indicators on 15 January 2014.   

For the first time, these results were published at a regional level as well as for each college across Scotland.  This included results for the Highlands and Islands region which comprises the following nine colleges:

The results allow us to understand better such important issues as:

  • How many of our students were successful on their courses?
  • How many of our students left their courses before the end without completing?
  • What was the performance of our students at different ages?
  • What was the performance of our students by gender?
  • Did we enrol as many students as we expected to?
  • How many of our staff have a teaching qualification?

The results allow us to know if we are improving our performance on each of these fronts and also make it possible for us to look to see how we are faring when compared to national levels.

By looking at each of our colleges’ own results we can also look at how they compare.  If you would like to look at any college’s results then please visit their websites.