“Made in Scotland” at the University of the Highlands and Islands

The University of the Highlands and Islands is now the custodian of the “Made in Scotland” trademark. The trademark, and the associated company Made in Scotland Limited, have been gifted for the benefit of current and future students, as well as alumni. It will be free for students to apply for approval to use the brand to endorse their products and services.

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'Made in Scotland' trademark logo

The creation of the “Made in Scotland” mark was to help promote Scottish business. Historically products carrying the brand displayed a guarantee that goods had been manufactured, created or assembled in Scotland.

Company donor Kathleen Hardie expressed her delight in finding a new home for the trademark on behalf of her and the other donor, the late Derek Reid of Stanley, Perthshire:  

“Derek and I always wanted to make sure that the trademark could continue to signal an authentic Scottish product or service. We see the university and their charitable activities as ideally placed to continue the spirit of the brand.”

“By adjusting the mark to indicate that training and education has been received at the University of the Highland and Islands, it can continue to be of benefit to future generations of people and businesses based in Scotland and wider afield.”

Alan Simpson, President of Highlands and Islands Students’ Association, said:

“We are delighted that the “Made in Scotland” trademark has been gifted to the university.  It’s fantastic news for us, the region and especially our students.  It will open up many opportunities for students to use and enhance the brand. It is another reason why potential students should seriously consider studying at the University of the Highlands and Islands”    

Fiona Larg, the university’s Chief Operating Officer and Secretary added:

“The university is very grateful to majority shareholders Kathleen Hardie and Derek Reid (Made in Scotland Limited) for this great gift to our students. We believe it will also provide tremendous opportunities in the medium to longer term for local business and the wider regional economic growth.”

“As the UK's leading integrated university, encompassing further and higher education we look forward to proudly using the trademark to endorse and follow our students’ achievements.”

A pilot project will run this summer. A new panel is being assembled to operate the application process and set the award criteria.

Alison Wilson, the university’s Head of Development, spoke about the value donors bring:

“This is an excellent example of how becoming a university donor can make a lasting and far reaching impact. In addition to the direct benefit to students, it is hoped that in time applications can be opened up commercially to other organisations. The income generated will be used to support the continuation of higher education and student development in the region.”

To apply for the use of the mark, please contact madeinscotland@uhi.ac.uk

A webpage has been set up, visit it at www.madeinscotland.ltd