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Philip Gillibrand

Gillibrand_P.jpgSenior Research Fellow, Environmental Research Institute


1988 BSc Mathematics and Physical Oceanography, University of Wales, Bangor

1994 PhD Physical Oceanography, University of Wales, Bangor

Research interests

  • Marine renewable energy and the environment
  • Physical oceanography of inshore and coastal waters.
  • Development and application of coastal hydrodynamic and bio-physical models.
  • Numerical modelling of coastal processes including: tides, waves, baroclinic circulation, coastal inundation, estuarine circulation, storm surge, tsunami.
  • Modelling wave-current interactions.
  • Transport and dispersion of pelagic biota and contaminants.
  • Deep water renewal and flushing of fjords.
  • Modelling the environmental effects of aquaculture.


Gillibrand, P.A., M.E. Inall, E. Portilla and P. Tett, 2013. A box model of seasonal exchange and mixing in restricted exchange environments: application to two contrasting Scottish inlets. Environmental Modelling and Software, 43, 144-159. DOI 10.1016/j.envsoft.2013.02.008

Power, W.L., X. Wang, E.M. Lane and P.A. Gillibrand, 2012. A probabilistic tsunami hazard study of the Auckland region, part I: propagation modelling and tsunami hazard assessment at the shoreline. Pure and Applied Geophysics, DOI 10.1007/s00024-012-0543-z

Lane, E.M., P.A. Gillibrand, W.L. Power and X. Wang, 2012. A probabilistic tsunami hazard study of the Auckland region, part II: inundation modelling and hazard assessment. Pure and Applied Geophysics. DOI 10.1007/s00024-012-0538-9

Gillibrand, P.A., E.M. Lane, R.A. Walters and R.M. Gorman, 2011. Forecasting extreme sea surface height and coastal inundation from tides, surge and wave setup. Australian Journal of Civil Engineering, 9, 99-112.

Lane, E.M., P.A. Gillibrand, J. Arnold and R.A. Walters, 2011. Tsunami inundation modeling with RiCOM. Australian Journal of Civil Engineering, 9, 83-98.

Tett, P., E. Portilla, P.A. Gillibrand and M.E. Inall, 2011. Carrying and assimilative capacities: the ACExR-LESV model for sea-loch aquaculture. Aquaculture Research, 42, 51-67.

Walters, R.A., P.A. Gillibrand, R. Bell and E.M. Lane, 2010. A Study of Tides and Currents in Cook Strait, New Zealand. Ocean Dynamics, 60,1559-1580.

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T: 01847 889686

E: philip.gillibrand@uhi.ac.uk