'An dealbh briste, 'the shattered image' - Seminar by Professor Dauvit Broun

'An dealbh briste, 'the shattered image': writing a History of Gaelic Scotland in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries' will be presented by Professor Dauvit Broun, Professor of Scottish History, School of Humanities, University of Glasgow.

What is 'Gaelic history'? This seems fairly straightforward before 1100 and after 1300: we think at once of the areas where Gaelic was prominent, and their shared society and culture. What about the period in-between, however, when Gaelic retreated from the lowlands? In this talk it is argued that this problem forces us to rethink some of our basic assumptions about the way history is configured, and to look afresh at what Gaelic history might mean.

Dauvit Broun did his PhD at the University of Edinburgh, supervised by John Bannerman and G.W.S. Barrow. After a year as a BA postdoctoral fellow at Edinburgh, he went to the University of Glasgow in 1990 where he has been teaching and researching medieval Scottish history ever since. In 2009 he succeeded Ted Cowan as Professor of Scottish History.

The seminar is being held at Ross House, Dornoch - all are welcome to attend, either in person or by video-conference.