Higlanders and Highland Regiments in the late 19th century

Ben Thomas (University of Aberdeen) will present a talk on the topic 'We’ll loyally muster and fight as of yore': Highlanders and the Highland Regiments in the late 19th Century.

'The Highland Regiments in the late 19th century were the darlings of the British military; famed for their daring and their prowess, and lauded for their victories on the battlefields of Empire.  However, it is one of history's little ironies that their biggest successes came at a time when the numbers of Highlanders in the ranks was at an all time low.  This paper explores this curiosity, examining the place of the Highland Regiments in Highland culture and society, and illuminating the controversies and debates that accompanied the region's involvement with the military aspect of Britain's Empire.'

All are very welcome! The event is free, but please contact Dr Kathrin Zickermann to confirm your attendance.