The Pennie book collection


Dr Pennie of Scourie donated his collection of books on the history, natural history and archaeology to the people of Sutherland. The UHI Centre for History has taken on the responsibility of hosting the collection and making it accessible to researchers. This History Links Dornoch blog post describes the nature of the collection and you can also consult the The Pennie Collection catalogue. The collection has already been used to improve university courses and it has been used in several community research projects, including the Loch Croispol Schoolhouse Project. The collection is available for reference only and you are most welcome to come and peruse them in our study space. As it is housed in a busy working department, if you would like to consult the books, please make an appointment by emailing

Also available for consultation are the history books in the UHI Dornoch library. This holds many volumes on Highland, Scottish, European and North American topics.

Victoria and the Pennie Collection