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Dr Kirsty Reid

Teaching Assistant

Before returning home to the Highlands in late 2011 to become a freelance historian (cum gardener), Kirsty Reid was for many years a lecturer and then senior lecturer in history at the University of Bristol. She has an MA and a PhD in history from the University of Edinburgh and has spent time at a variety of institutions as a visiting scholar and research fellow including: the University of Tasmania, Australia and the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich. To date, her main research interests have been in the history of empire, particularly colonial Australia, but she also has a keen interest in the histories of ordinary people and everyday life more broadly. She is the author of Gender, crime and empire: convicts, settlers and the state in early colonial Australia (2007), which in 2008 was awarded the Australian Historical Association’s Kay Daniels Prize in early colonial history. She is a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society.

Kirsty is currently working on two inter-related projects. The first, funded by a Sackler-Caird Fellowship at the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, will result in a book provisionally entitled Australia bound: convict voyaging, 1787-1868. The second, funded in part by the British Academy, examines personal letters and other related materials exchanged between transported convicts, their friends and families. Entitled ‘It cuts me even to the hart: letters from convict Australia, 1787-1868’, this project will lead to a book, a radio documentary and a website. Dr Reid also teaches for the Centre for History.