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National Geographic calls on CNS Viking expertise

Thursday 29 October 2015

With Up Helly A’ season approaching in Shetland, Dr Andrew Jennings has been helping explain all things Vikings to young historians in National Geographic Kids.

This magazine book is part of the “Everything Series” and focusses on providing facts on Vikings ranging from history to traditions to culture plus little snippets about Shetland’s own Vikings – both past and present.  Dr Jennings is the guest explorer in the edition and said “I was particularly keen to raise the profile of Shetland’s rich Viking history and the book features some photographs from Up Helly A“  He added, “I also wrote a short piece about the Osberg Ship, which is housed in Oslo, Norway.”

When asked how is involvement with the book came about Andrew explained that the researchers made contact with him through the University website expertise search function.  On selecting ‘Vikings’ they were able to then contact him directly.

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