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Canadian intern gets to grips with the Vikings

The Centre for Nordic Studies in Shetland is currently hosting Nick Timmers, a self-financing student intern from Canada.
Canadian intern gets to grips with the Vikings

Nick Timmers

Nick is a Master of Art’s history student from Brock University in St. Catherine’s, Ontario.  He added a co-op stream to his degree which enabled him to work for 8 months as a part of his degree and for one half of this term he has opted to come, live and work in Shetland. At present he is working on developing an online database of the Viking Age, which will map Viking raids, battles and place-names. He will be giving a lecture in the forthcoming Viking summer school, which he attended himself several years ago. He is also carrying out his own research into the early Church in Orkney and Shetland.

Nick appears to be enjoying his stay in Shetland, ‘During this work term I have gained experience that wouldn’t have been able to get at home.  I have been able to work with database entry as well as a bit of course planning for the Viking Summer School.  The skills which I will attain from this co-op will be very important to me when I begin my career in Canada!  What I have enjoyed most about this work term is Shetland itself.  The people and the culture here have helped me feel at home.’

Dr Andrew Jennings of CNS Shetland says, ‘It is great having an enthusiastic international student like Tim here to help. I hope he will be the first of many! If there are other students out there who would like to work for a spell in Shetland at CNS. We can find you challenging, useful work to do. Get in touch.’

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