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Creative summer school opportunity

An exciting new opportunity is coming up this summer, with the launch of a new summer school by the Orkney College UHI Centre for Nordic Studies and Art and Design departments. The course is entitled ‘Orkney Through Time’ and is a week-long indulgence in illustrated talks, field trips and practical hands-on creativity.

Through the week, participants will progress in time from the islands’ Pictish past, through the Viking and Middle Ages, to the traditional farming community and the contemporary art and culture of Orkney. Each day will contain an illustrated academic lecture, exploring the culture and art of each era, ranging from the elegant but enigmatic Pictish symbol stones, through Viking sculpture and medieval literature, to Northern Isles traditional custom and belief and the poetry and art of our recent past. The lectures are enhanced by field trips centred around the five day-themes, where we will see Pictish art, Viking runic inscriptions, and medieval architecture and explore the traditional farming community. Each day, participants will make their own creations, led by the Orkney College Art and Design department and local artists, who will lead the students in exploring various techniques such as textile art, stone carving, photography and traditional photo manipulation, and felting. The last day will be spent in the renowned Pier Arts Centre, where the theme is Fine Art, An Unfolding Gift, followed by a printmaking workshop. At the end of the course, participants will go home with a selection of artwork of their own creation.

Read more on the ‘Orkney Through Time’ information page.


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Morag Tweedie
Orkney College Art and Design
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