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Women's History Scotland 2013 annual conference

Orkney College, UHI, Kirkwall, Orkney - 3-5 May 2013
Women's History Scotland 2013 annual conference

Orkney 'Venus'


Making, Working, Producing:Historical Perspectives on Women, Gender & Production


This year’s Women’s History Scotland annual conference will take place in Orkney and our theme explores the historical experience of women's relationship with unpaid and paid work.

The programme is full and varied, addressing issues relating to women’s work on the land, in relation to arts and crafts, knitting and lacemaking, as well as factory work and work in the fishing industry. The geographical spread ranges from close to home (Orkney) to the Nordic states and speakers are joining us from the Orkney, the rest of Scotland, England as well as international speakers from Canada and Scandinavia. The Sue Innes Memorial Lecture this year will be given by Elizabeth Ewan (Research Professor of Scottish History, University of Guelph, Canada) with the title ‘Producing Women in Pre-Modern Scotland’, followed by a civic reception.

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