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Dr Angela Watt PhD

Lecturer in Nordic Studies

UHI Centre for Nordic Studies
NAFC Marine Centre
Port Arthur

e: angela.watt@uhi.ac.uk
d: +44 (0)1595 772493
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Dr Angela WattDr Angela Watt obtained a PhD in Culture Studies from the University of the Highlands and Islands and Aberdeen University in 2013, and previously she graduated with a First Class BA Honours in Culture Studies of the Highlands and Islands. She was appointed as lecturer by the UHI Centre for Nordic Studies in Scalloway in June 2013.

PhD Thesis : The Implications of Cultural Interchange in Scalloway, Shetland, with reference to a perceived Nordic Heritage.

Supervisors: Professor Margaret Grieco, Professor of Transport, Napier University and Dr Donna Heddle, UHI Centre for Nordic Studies, Orkney

Dr Watt’s PhD investigated and developed a theoretical model of cultural interchange as one of the main principles governing the development of cultural identity and the conceptualisation of culture as a process. Her case study focused primarily on the village of Scalloway, Shetland, the ancient capital of the Shetland Islands, utilising a qualitative framework to explore the legacy of visual and narrative histories.

Current research includes the heritage of lighthouses as a family space and the representation of islands in film and literature; both within a Scottish and global perspective. She is also particularly interested with identifying and recording elements of cultural discourse, knowledge, visuality or narrative, whilst it remains within living memory. Dr Watt is fascinated with practices which transform intangible culture, ideas or knowledge into tangible and marketable products of culture.

Academic Responsibilities

Dr Watt teaches on the following modules :

  • Orkney and Shetland: Myths and Origins
  • Traditional Customs, Beliefs and Folklore
  • From Atlantis to Utopia; the nature of islandness


External responsibilities and memberships

  • Member of the Shetland Bus Society



  • Currently in the process of submitting journal articles
  • Working on a book on Lighthouse Heritage
  • Preparing PhD thesis for publication

Selected Talks and Conferences

Viking Congress 2013, Shetland: Waugh, Doreen and Ragnhild Ljosland: “Skoit du oot by, Magnie: Mutual support between Norn and Scots in the dialects of the Northern Isles.”

Suggested PhD topics

  • Emigrant narratives
  • Whaling
  • Contact between Shetland and Faroe
  • Shetland Art History
  • The Shetland Bus WW2 operation