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STGA Tourist Guiding Course

The Scottish Tourist Guide Association Course will be running from October 2014.

The course is for anyone who is interested in gaining a qualification as an Orkney tourist guide.

Before the classroom sessions start, potential trainees will get the chance to see a coach tour in action with Orkney’s experienced guides on a Demonstration Day to be held on
October 4th. This will give a real feel for what is involved in training to become a tourist guide.

The course, starting in October, will be in two parts. The first part of the course will focus on Orkney knowledge, with lectures covering everything from archaeology to
renewable energy, customs, economics, birds and flowers, history, and more besides.

Part 1 of the course runs from 28/10 - 16/12 2014.

Part 2 continues after the Christmas break, and will contain the more practical aspects of being a tourist guide, the training sessions taking place during the day on

There will be a final assessment in April 2014.

Your background doesn’t matter – if you are willing to learn and don’t mind speaking in public, you’re the folk we want!

Potential applicants can get an information pack from the Centre for Nordic Studies or download information from the links below.

Please email STGA@uhi.ac.uk for more details.

More about the course:

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