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Mimir's Well

Mimir's Well

Mimir's Well is a newspaper column in The Orcadian, run by the Institute for Northern Studies. In a light-hearted way, it explores topics relating to Orkney history, dialect, literature, and culture, which have come up in our daily work at the Institute.  Institute for Northern Studies staff are responsible for this column, MLitt and Doctoral students and invited guest writers are often invited to contribute to it.

Orkney Runes Blog

Andrea Freund's Blog

Andrea Freund is working on a PhD with the title “Runic writing in the diaspora: Expression of a Norse identity?”. The project is based at the Institute for Northern Studies with additional supervision at the Centre for Scandinavian Studies in Aberdeen and Orkney Museum. It is funded through an Applied Research Collaborative Studentship from the Scottish Graduate School for Arts and Humanities.  In this blog, Andrea discusses her research and anything to do with runes. You can also read more about .

The Role of the Kirk in Orkney

Lynn Campbell's Blog

Orkney has never been regarded as an overly religious set of islands, and yet any reading of historical texts will tell you that the Kirk had a strong hand in creating our history.

Did the Kirk actually steering our history in one direction or another?  Why do we not have the same religious affiliations as our Western Islands cousins?  Was the Kirk at all powerful in Orkney?

Words and waves blog

Rebecca Ford's Blog

Rebecca Ford is working on a PhD with the title “Words and Waves: A Dialogical Approach to Discourse, Community, and Marine Renewable Energy in Orkney”. The project is based at the Institute for Northern Studies with additional supervision from the Anthropology Department within the University of Aberdeen's School of Social Science.  In this blog, Rebecca discusses her research into the impact of Marine Renewable Energy in Orkney, and her experience of carrying out research in the community in which she grew up, and still lives.

flying bird over water

Displaying the Past: Museum Studies, student work

Each year, the Culture and Heritage degree programme runs a module "Displaying the Past: Museum Studies."  The final piece of work in this module is to create an online exhibition with a central theme.  You can find these exhibitions here.