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Themes and Topics for EIMR 2020 - abstract submission deadline extended to 5pm Friday 17th January 2020 content

Themes and Topics for EIMR 2020 - abstract submission deadline extended to 5pm Friday 17th January 2020

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We encourage submission of papers from a wide range of themes related to the environmental interactions of marine renewable energy technologies. Environmental interactions can be seen as two-way, including both the effects of developments on the environment and the effects of the environment on engineering performance and energy yield. Papers should be relevant to one or more of: wave energy, tidal stream energy, tidal range energy, floating offshore wind. Insights from other marine or offshore industries are welcome.

Both oral and poster presentations are welcomed. Abstract submissions can only be accepted using the following online form and must be submitted a result of a last minute surge in submissions the deadline for abstract submission has been extended to 5pm Friday 17th January.

We welcome papers that address one or more of the following themes and topics, although other topics that fit within the overall conference theme are also welcomed.

  • Environmental implications of developments and strategies for reducing consenting risk, including case studies at test and demonstration sites and cumulative effects of longer-term or large-scale developments.
  • Social and economic context of marine renewable energy development and interactions of developments with society and other maritime activities
  • Effects of existing policy and legislation on practice, and projections of proposed legislation
  • Resource assessment and reduction of energy yield by degradation in the environment (e.g. bio-fouling, corrosion, and abrasion by sediments)

In 2020, we also welcome papers on new and emerging topics, including:

  • Multi-use platforms and co-location of marine renewable energy with other industry
  • New empirical findings from monitoring the first arrays
  • Community-scale marine renewable energy across the world
  • Social license to operate
  • Floating offshore wind energy

Note: Presenting authors are required to register as a conference delegate.