Video Recording


Your Research In Brief

People being filmed

Delegates at the university’s staff/student research conference will have the opportunity to sign up to present to video camera a brief summary of your research focus and current activities.  Each recording will seek to be done in a single take, a far as possible. The recording time will be between 3 minutes and 3.5 minutes.  It might be necessary to undertake some modest editorial work on some presentations following the recording, primarily relating to timing.

Anyone who wishes to take this opportunity, please follow the guidance below:

  • A sign-up at the conference reception desk: specific time slots across the duration of the conference will be available at the reception desk. Time slots will be available on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.
  • You will be asked to sign a consent form: when entering the room where the recording is taking place, you will be asked for your permission for the recording to be used on the UHI web site to show the range and depth of research that is being undertaken in and across the University.
  • Each slot will be 15 minutes in total length: It is very important, therefore, to arrive at the room for the recordings on time and to follow the instructions you are given by the camera operators.
  • Think in advance about what you wish to convey in your recording: Plan and practice what you want to talk about to ensure your recording is as good as it can be.
    1. Introduce yourself, where you are based, and your research interest
    2. Introduce the title of your research topic, or area, and then deliver a brief overview of the following:
      1. What issue/question are you seeking to address
      2. How are you going about this
      3. Who else is involved
      4. What results have you achieved so far
      5. What are your plans for next steps
  • While recording please keep the following in mind:
    1. Speak clearly and directly to the camera as if talking to a friend who does not know much about your research area (try to avoid overly dense and technical language).
    2. Do not speak too fast but be mindful that you only have a short time to get across what you want to say.
    3. Do not use props or illustrations unless these are absolutely necessary and can be easily and readily caught on camera in order to help illustrate a key part of what you are trying to express (note, there will be no PowerPoint, screen, or paper available).
    4. Listen to, and follow, the instructions of the colleagues doing the recording.
    5. Have fun!

If your recording slot is taking place at the same time as a presentation or a break-out session etc, please leave and/or re-join sessions in a quiet and courteous way.

Our thanks go to our colleagues at Perth College UHI for making this facility available during the conference.