Web of Science Webinars

We are pleased to advise that Clarivate Analytics have organised a number of **FREE** webinars scheduled throughout October. Please find details below:

   1. 18th October at 10.00am - Web of Science continues to develop - keep up by joining this session (45 mins).

   2. 25th October at 11.00am - Clarivate Analytics API's: The Web of Science data available from outside the Web of Science platform (1 hour).

   3. 30th October at 10.00am - Identification of key players - Universities, Scientists and Funders (45 mins).


The Web of Science platform is rapidly evolving and many new features have recently been implemented. In this short webex our product expert will demonstrate these evolutions to you, from the major changes to the small improvements.


Did you know that our Web of Science metadata and metrics can be retrieved from outside the Web of Science platform? Attend this short webinar and find out how our web services could improve your efficiency and provide you unexpected opportunities to work on the Web of Science data.


  • Webinar 3: Identification of key players - Universities, Scientists and Funders (in English).
  • How can I identify research excellence around this topic?
  • Which journals should I read or publish in?
  • How do I organise my findings?
  • How do I identify funders?

A Clarivate story: The research on Graphene. Can the history of this research be retraced via citation navigation? Through this webinar, our solution expert will highlight some of the tools at the researcher disposal to fully study and understand a research topic of interest.