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Information and support for current students




The University of the Highlands and Islands does not currently have its own research degree awarding powers. It has an accreditation agreement with the University of Aberdeen (UoA) and, on successful completion of your research degree, you will receive a UoA award.

Therefore, at the start of your studies, you are required to enrol online with both universities, and in each subsequent academic year with the University of the Highlands and Islands. You must update your details in the student records system, UHI Records, if your situation changes in any way e.g. change of address or contact details.

You will be sent an e-mail to remind you to enrol, but get in touch if you have any questions.

Online Services

Library Services

Research students have access to both University of the Highlands and Islands and University of Aberdeen library services and resources.

Computing services

Once registered on our student records system, you will be allocated a username, e-mail address and password. You will retain the same username throughout your time at university, but you will have to re-register at the start of each academic year to ensure continued access to systems.

You must also register with the UoA student records system to enable you to access their libraries and online resources. Information on how to do this will be provided by the Graduate School upon registration.


Your university email address will be used for all Graduate School communications. If you wish to use an alternative email address you must ensure mail from your university account is forwarded. It is your responsibility to check e-mail on a regular basis; the failure to check e-mail, non-receipt of e-mail due to a mailbox being over quota or the non-delivery of a message to a non-university account cannot be used as grounds for an academic appeal.


Blackboard is the university's virtual learning environment. Postgraduate research students have their own designated Blackboard site, which can be accessed with your student ID, and password. This is the central source of information throughout your degree and includes details on procedures, forms and generic training.

PGR training

Developing personal, employment-related and generic research skills is an important part of postgraduate research training. You will undertake a skills audit when you commence study, and at regular intervals, to determine research, transferable and generic skills requirements.


All students are invited to attend an initial induction: this is usually a two day event covering all aspects of administration; meeting key staff; understanding procedures; focused training; and social time. In addition, Academic Partners offer in-house induction sessions for new postgraduates.

Postgraduate research training opportunities

The Graduate School offers a wide variety of training opportunities for postgraduate research students to help their research degree experience, brush up on essential skills, and to interact and socialise with other students from across the network. In addition, you will have access to University of Aberdeen and University of Edinburgh training, as well as events run by the Scottish Graduate Schools (Arts and Humanities; and Social Science).

Take a look at the events calendar located in the postgraduate research module of Blackboard. Details of additional training events are also circulated via email as and when they become available.

Postgraduate research training events programme 2014/15 (pdf)

Annual postgraduate research conference

The postgraduate research conference is an important date for research students. This is held annually, and is hosted by a different Academic Partner from within the university network each year. All students are invited to attend this event, to share experiences, communicate their work through presentations and posters, learn new skills, and importantly to spend time with other UHI researchers, students and staff.

Biennial Research Conference

The Research Conference was last held 2014 in Elgin, hosted by Moray College UHI in the new Alexander Graham Bell Centre. It included research student presentations, keynote speakers, training sessions and social events. The next Research Conference will be held in November 2016.

Full information on the 2014 and 2016 conference can be found on the Research Conference webpage.

If you have any training questions please in the first instance.