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Dr. Philip Boon, Associate Professor


After graduating with a PhD in freshwater ecology from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne in 1976, Professor Boon held various positions in academia, including a research fellowship at the Polytechnic of the South Bank in London and a lectureship at the University of the West Indies in Jamaica. He also founded the scientific journal, Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems (which he continues to edit) and has written and contributed to numerous academic papers and books.

Professor Boon moved into the field of nature conservation in 1987, heading up freshwater departments at the Nature Conservancy Council and the Nature Conservancy Council for Scotland. He joined Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) when it was formed in 1992 and took up his current role as Head of the Ecosystems and Biodiversity Unit in 2011. This involves managing a unit of 40-45 staff who provide advice on a wide range of scientific and technical areas including uplands, peatlands, fresh waters, wetlands, geodiversity, climate change, and biodiversity. He also contributes to the freshwater work of SNH (as well as in the rest of the UK and the EU) especially in areas such as the EC Water Framework Directive, freshwater monitoring and non-native species.


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Selected journal articles

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