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The Energy Research Group aim to help and encourage collaboration and research within UHI across the energy spectrum. This is a key sector for the Highlands & Islands and the UHI partners are spread across the key locations for the industry, giving UHI an unparalleled opportunity to be at the center of developments in the sector. Explore our research activities below:

Energy Themes

An outline of activities across our 9 focus areas - which of the UHI partners are active within each theme and the projects and activities they are currently undertaking. This is also where you'll find information on particular projects like Highlands and Islands Bioenergy Region - a collaboration of 4 UHI partners plus local businesses and local authorities lead by the UHI Energy Research Group.

Energy Research Centres

Here you'll find a summary of each UHI partner engaged in energy research activities, along with links to their own website for more detailed information, key contacts and indicates where they are located. There are over 30 UHI research centres but not all are engaged in energy research: the button below gives details of the centres with some involvement in energy but if you want to know more about all UHI research centres then please go to the full listing of our research capabilities.

Meet the Team

Information on how to make initial contact with the energy team and sections that outline our strategy and aims. We can put you in touch with the key personnel and expertise across the UHI partnerships according to your needs, set up initial meetings and provide access to our excellent Video Conferencing (VC) facilities to link people who are geographically distant - we are used to working across large distances and make extensive use of VC to save time and cost where possible.