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Dr. Andrew Duncan, Research Associate

CONTACT: Andrew.Duncan.ic@uhi.ac.uk


After gaining a BSc(Hons) in Mathematics at the University of Edinburgh in 2005 I stayed at the University and completed my PhD in the analysis of composite materials under Dr. Tom Mackay in 2009.
In the summer of 2009 I moved back to my hometown of Inverness and took up work as a Mathematics lecturer at Inverness College UHI and researcher at the Epidemiology Research Unit of Scotlands Rural College (SRUC, previously the Scottish Agricultural College (SAC)).
I now split my time teaching and working with the SRUC and the RLI.
I spend my spare time with my wonderful wife and our wee dog, riding my bike and sliding lumps of granite along ice (otherwise known as curling!).

Published Papers

Replicating disease spread in empirical cattle networks by adjusting the probability of infection in random networks.

The influence of empirical contact networks on modelling diseases in cattle.

The homogenization of orthorhombic piezoelectric composites by the strong-property-fluctuation theory.

On the homogenization of orthotropic elastic composites by the strong-property-fluctuation theory.

On the Bergman-Milton bounds for the homogenization of dielectric composite materials.

My PhD Thesis: On the estimation of the electromagnetic, elastodynamic and piezoelectric properties of homogenized composite materials which can be downloaded from University of Edinburgh.

A.J. Duncana, G.J. Gunnb, C. Umstatterc, R.W. Humphryb (2014)