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Between Places

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researcher profile

name: gina wall

specialties: photography, writing and place

research: Practice-led research into the relation between practice and writing; landscape & place

contact: t: +44(0)1343 576413 
e: gina.wall.moray@uhi.ac.uk

images: berserkjahraun and lossiemouth forest

gina wall

Gina is a practice-led researcher with research interests in: photography; the relation between practice and writing; landscape & place based research. She holds a PhD from the University of Dundee/DJCAD (2011), which investigated landscape, text and photography in Derridean terms. She has since completed post-doctoral, practice-led research into the landscapes of northern Britain, Iceland and Finland and has a developing interest in the Arctic region. Her current research mobilises earlier questions regarding the spectral nature of particular landscapes and practises this through a broader enquiry into time and landscape. Fieldwork informs these multiple perspectives as she explores the artist researcher’s role through, what could be described as, a post-phenomenological lens.

Gina teaches on the undergraduate curriculum in Fine Art at Moray School of Art. She delivers studio tutorials, supervises dissertations, and teaches the photography, theory and practice and research methods modules. In addition, she has extensive curriculum development experience and is an active PhD supervisor with experience of practice-led PhD supervision.

Gina would welcome applications from practice-led PhD candidates in the following areas: photography and fine art practice, landscape and place, practice/writing interrogations.