Active Health Exercise Lab


The Active Health Exercise Lab (AHXL) was formed in 2018, thanks to funding from Highlands and Islands Enterprise and the Inverness and Highland City Region Deal and is located within the University of the Highlands and Islands, Life Sciences Innovation Centre, Inverness.

A person using health research equipment whilst running on a treadmill

The primary aim of the AHXL research team is to combine expertise within the areas of physical activity, nutrition and biochemistry to help prevent and manage disease. Collectively, their work creates opportunities to drive research that can have significant impact on health and wellbeing in the Highlands and Islands and beyond.

For us to conduct our research we rely on volunteers from the public, so please contact to enquire about volunteering. By volunteering to participate in our research, you will be contributing to research-led developments in healthcare improvement. In addition, our studies also offer individual feedback related to your general health and/or diet and/or physical fitness.

Nutrition labResearch assessment roomResistance exercise equipmentTreadmills and research equipment