Home-based Exercise study


two people exercisingWhat are we doing?

We are assessing how participants interact and use wearable fitness technology (Fitbits) and smartphone applications. We are also looking to understand if participants adhere to online exercise classes.

Why are we doing this?

We are using the data collected within the current research project to understand what elements are successful in getting more individuals active, to inform a future project within cardiac rehabilitation settings. The use of online exercise classes delivered at the home are becoming more widely used, however integrating these with wearable technology and smartphone applications have not been extensively researched.

Who are we looking for?

  • Males and females
  • 50-70 years old
  • Currently conducting low to moderate levels of physical activity
  • No contraindications to exercise

How will you benefit?

Following your participation in the study you will be provided with feedback based on the testing conducted at the start and the end of the study about your resting heart rate, blood pressure, diet and fitness test scores. You will also receive a free 6-week online class delivered by High Life Highland, with classes conducted twice a week.

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Active Health Exercise Lab - active.health@uhi.ac.uk