Plant-based Supplement study


Recruitment temporarily suspended

What are we doing?

We are investigating if a plant-based supplement protects against the negative health consequences associated with decreased physical activity compared to a placebo supplement.

Why are we doing this?

Periods of reduced physical activity have been associated with an increased risk of developing metabolic diseases. However, nutrients found in our diet can contribute towards preventing such harmful health conditions, including the nutrient, ‘polyphenol’, which can be found in plant-based foods (i.e. fruit and vegetables).

Who are we looking for?

  • Males
  • Aged 18-30 and 50-65 years
  • Moderately active (i.e. regularly participating in activities that take moderate physical effort and make you breathe somewhat harder than normal)

How will you benefit?

Following your completion of the study, you will receive feedback about your body fat, muscle mass, physical fitness and feedback and advice about your diet from a Registered Dietician.

More information

Download the Participant Information Sheet (pdf)

Contact details

Dr Daniel Crabtree

Dr Kasia Goszcz

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