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Diabetes and cardiovascular science

Prof. Ian Megson
• Vascular studies
• Thrombosis and antithrombotics
• Cell signalling and function
• Free radicals, oxidative stress,antioxidant defence
• Inflammation



Dr Mary Doherty
• Proteomics
• Protein dynamics
• Mass spectrometry
• Bioinformatics


Genetics and immunology

Prof Jun Wei
• Genetics
• Immunogenetics
• Nutrigenomics
• Molecular biology
• Autoimmunity



Prof. Phil Whitfield
• Global lipidomics
• Targeted lipid analysis
• Lipid metabolism
• Lipids in health and disease
• Multivariate statistics


Senior Lecturer, Division of Health Research

Dr James Cobley

  • Redox biochemistry
  • Mitochondrial reactive oxygen species
  • Synapse pruning
  • Microfluidics
  • Exercise


Senior Lecturer, Genetics and Immunology

Dr Antonia Pritchard

  • Genetics of familial melanoma
  • Genetics of cancer susceptibility
  • Melanoma genomics
  • Anti-cancer immune response
  • Cancer antigens, including neoantigens




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Technical team


  • Laboratory Manager: Dr Jan Adamson
  • Research Technician: Manuel-Thomas Valdivia
  • Research Technician: Kirsty Hickson
  • Research Technician: Seshu Tammireddy
  • Research Technician: Philomena Hallford


Research fellows


  • Post-Doctoral Research Assistant, Free Radial Research Facility: Dr Andy Treweeke
  • Post-Doctoral Research Assistant, Genetics & Immunology Group: Dr Colette Mustard
  • Research Fellow, Physical Activity: Dr Daniel Crabtree
  • Post-Doctoral Researcher: Katarzyna Goszcz
  • Bioinformatics Research Fellow: Dr Holger Husi


PG researchers


  • Ryan McLean (Genetics and Immunology Group)
  • Ruth Whelan (Genetics and Immunology Group)
  • Nicole Brace (Biomedical Sciences Group)
  • Tom Carew (Biomedical Sciences Group)
  • Maria Luisa Fiorello (Biomedical Sciences Group)
  • Khuram Raja (Biomedical Sciences Group)
  • Jacob Roberts (Biomedical Sciences Group)
  • Chloe Rodgers (Biomedical Sciences Group)


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Department of Diabetes and Cardiovascular Science
University of the Highlands and Islands
Centre for Health Science
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t: +44 (0)1463 279298
email: General enquiries