SRHP Strategic Plan 2021-24

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Full Copy of the Plan is available SRHP Strategic Plan 2021-24.  

Our Strategic Plan sets out our ambition for the future and is anchored in working with others and transforming the way we work.

A key strength of the Scottish Rural Health Partnership (SRHP) is its ability to pull together a wide coalition of stakeholders, allowing us to highlight the big social and economic challenges post COVID in health and social care that we all face, and to develop creative solutions to help these issues in remote and rural communities.

Success will be shown through the outcomes that we now deliver. A culture of collaboration, support and open dialogue has been clearly developing within the SRHP. This will lead to transformational change in the way the SRHP progresses, our engagement with Scottish Government and other partners, and the way we work together.

This Strategic Plan is not just about looking at new areas; It is also about focussing on what we can improve upon. Our goal will be greater collaboration right across the field of rural health and social care and how we can collectively strengthen outputs and outcomes with partners, whilst retaining clear roles and responsibilities about delivery. The focus is on productivity, but also equality, wellbeing and sustainability in all we do. This includes ensuring our resilience in the face of a changing global landscape: how we can grow in innovative ways to prepare for future opportunities and challenges in political and environmental models such as Brexit and shifts in population demographics.

The Strategic Plan is a plan for the medium term, with a 3-5 year horizon, but given the fluidity of geopolitical and economic circumstances, it will be updated regularly to ensure it is fit-for-purpose and able to flex in response to ever changing environment.