Scottish Rural Health & Social Care Lunchtime Webinar Series


Our second webinar took place on Wednesday 20th October 2021

Prof. Sarah-Anne Munoz, Acting Head of Rural Health and Wellbeing, University of Highlands and Islands - Living Rurally with a Long-Term Condition During the Pandemic: experiences from qualitative research in the Highlands and Islands

Ian Blair, Project Manager, Scottish Rural Medicine Collaborative -  What is the SRMC and how can it help you? The SRMC (Scottish Rural Medicine Collaborative) is about improving recruitment and retention of people working in rural Primary Care in Scotland.

Link to event recording


The inaugural Scottish Rural Health and Social Care Lunchtime Webinar took place on Monday 24 May 2021


The programme included presentation from:

Marissa Collins, Yunus Centre for Social Business and Health. Developing and evaluating an economic and ethico-legal framework for priority setting in health and social care - a rural prospective

Andrea McColl, Highlands and Islands Enterprise. Introduction to the Business to Healthcare Programme that connects companies to the health and care sector.


Link to event recording.