HARC are currently organising the "Ruination & Decay" Conference (11th-12th December 2019, Inverness) We invite contributions from subject areas such as art, languages, philosophy, theology, archaeology, social and cultural history, heritage studies as well as music and literature.

Conference speakers to include:

Prof. Sian Jones, (University of Stirling)

Prof. Jane Downes, (Archaeology Institute, Orkney College UHI)

Prof. Hayden Lorimer, (University of Glasgow)

Prof. Vicki Cummings (University of Central Lancashire)

Dr Simon Murray, (University of Glasgow)

Prof. Mike Parker Pearson (University College London)

Dr Philippa Woodcock, (UHI Centre for History)

Maya Darrell Hewins, (Shetland College UHI)

Dr Antonia Thomas, (Archaeology Institute, Orkney College UHI)

Dr Suki Haider, (Moray College UHI)

Dr Mandy Haggith, (Literature, Inverness College UHI)

Roxane Permar, (Art & Design, Shetland College UHI)

Dan Lee (Archaeology Institute, Orkney College UHI)

Matt Ritchie (Forestry and Land Scotland)

Dr Kenny Brophy (University of Glasgow)

Dr Fiona Smith (Robert Gordon University)


For contributions to the conference (papers, posters, etc.) please send a title and brief description to Colin Richards: