Recorded Seminars

Scroll down to view recordings of seminars delivered so far during "Ruination & Decay".

This is a recording of Professor Colin Richards' seminar "Decaying flesh and instability of substances: rethinking Neolithic chambered tombs" delivered on 28th February 2019

This is a recording of Iain Howieson's seminar on Ruination & Decay in Traditional Gaelic poetry in the Nineteenth Century, delivered on Thursday 28th March 2019

This is a recording of part of the Inverness College Art & Design Team's Seminar delivered on 25th April 2019.

The seminar is entitled 'Time, memory, place: an exploration through performance'

This is a recording of Dr Ragnhild Ljosland's seminar "Death & decay as metaphors in discourses about minority languages", 30th May 2019