Lipidomics and Proteomics


Our ability to measure and identify substances in the blood is expanding at a phenomenal rate. Until recently, we did not have the technology to measure more than a handful of compounds at any one time. However, a new group of disciplines is growing around powerful analytical techniques and computational processing that allows us, at least in theory, to measure all the metabolites in a sample simultaneously (“metabolomics”). The importance of lipids as signalling molecules and markers of disease progression is only just emerging and the discipline of “lipidomics” has been adopted by only a few institutions worldwide to date.

The mission of the Lipidomics Research Facility at UHI is to become a world-class research facility in this field, with a particular emphasis on diabetes and cardiovascular disease, with obvious links to the other research groups within the Department of Diabetes and Cardiovascular Science. The thrust of the research will be to identify the role of lipid-based biomarkers in disease progression and to characterise new biomarkers that might help to identify at-risk individuals before they develop disease.