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Physical Activity Monitor study content a smart wristwatch with health apps

Physical Activity Monitor study

We are assessing the accuracy of commercially available physical activity monitors and those that are for scientific use.

Calorie Restriction study content A bowl of fruit surrounded by a stethoscope.

Calorie Restriction study

We are investigating if a calorie-restricted diet can positively affect cardiovascular health as well as body weight in overweight males.

Habit4Health study content a hand holding sugar lumps - sweet tooth?

Habit4Health study

The University of Aberdeen, Rowett Institute are investigating how sugar habits and preferences are maintained and changed over a 12-week period, with subsequent follow-ups after 3 and 6 months.

Plant-based Supplement study content pills, capsules, wooden spoon, fresh fruits, multivitamins

Plant-based Supplement study

We are investigating if a plant-based supplement protects against the negative health consequences associated with decreased physical activity compared to a placebo supplement.

Type 2 Diabetes and Physical Activity study content Mountain biker on a hill

Type 2 Diabetes and Physical Activity study

The study aims to develop a web–based educational tool kit that can be successfully integrated into a community setting.

Blood Occlusion and Exercise study content Red blood cells circulating in a blood vessel

Blood Occlusion and Exercise study

We are performing an exercise study to investigate what effects performing repeated 5 minute bouts of blood occlusion to the legs, followed by a bout of high intensity exercise, has on the cells and molecules circulating in our blood.