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Marine research

Marine environment research is the focus for the Scottish Association for Marine Science UHI (SAMS UHI), based in Oban, where 90% of research was judged to be 'internationally recognised' in the 2008 Research Assessment Exercise (RAE). SAMS UHI scientists are working on a range of projects within four departments: ecology; biogeochemistry and earth science; microbial and molecular; physics, sea ice and technology.

Environmental research

The Environmental Research Institute (ERI), based at North Highland College UHI in Thurso, marine environmental issues and sustainable use of the earth's natural resources. ERI's research includes: renewable energy - it's impacts on the marine environment; Tidal resource & wave climate assessment; ecology; emerging contaminants; tidal stream monitoring and modelling; Currents, sedimentation and associated ecological change.

Rivers and Lochs

The Rivers and Lochs Institute, based at Inverness College UHI, the institute works to develop integrated, multidisciplinary research projects to more rapidly advance understanding of Scottish freshwater ecosystem and to research the nature and extent of freshwater biodiversity in lochs and rivers in Scotland. Working with local rivers trusts, fisheries boards, landowners, industry and the public sector.

Fisheries science

NAFC Marine Centre UHI is conducting research in fisheries science to contribute to the assessment, management and sustainable harvesting of important marine species, commercially important finfish and shellfish species. Marine Planning, Policy and Advice Section is relevant to how resources are utilised within regulatory frameworks and environmental impacts. The centre is the site and lead partner in the collaborative mussel hatchery project "Stepping Stone".