Our Locations

Our University is located on the doorstep of Scotland’s Aquaculture Industry.

Map of aquaculture locations

We have 13 campuses across the region with 5 centres providing specialist aquaculture expertise, which includes research, work-based learning, short courses, undergraduate courses, postgraduate courses and PhDs.  

With campuses located at the centre of the aquaculture industry and facilities and expertise directly on the water’s edge, we can be very responsive to the needs of industry. Our staff have day-to-day knowledge of living and working in the area where aquaculture happens, resulting in a clear understanding of the practical considerations associated with applied research, work-based learning and graduate courses.

Our main centres with aquaculture provision are:

  • Institute of Health Research and Innovation (lipodomics and proteomics)
  • Inverness College UHI
  • NAFC Marine Centre UHI
  • Rivers and Lochs Institute
  • Scottish Association of Marine Science (SAMS) UHI

Our aquaculture researchers and trainers can call on the expertise and facilities located across the University of the Highlands and Islands region to apply an integrated and comprehensive knowledge base to any research, training or courses undertaken.

If you would like to contact us about any of our work at any location please email aquaculture@uhi.ac.uk