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"Making the Most of Borehole Surveying" with Prof Angus Jamieson. content

"Making the Most of Borehole Surveying" with Prof Angus Jamieson.

The Society of Petroleum Engineers Technical section for Wellbore Positioning, (ISCWSA) is pleased to offer the following presentations in cooperation with the University of the Highlands and Islands (UHI) for unrestricted use in the Oil and Gas Industry.  These presentations are free to download and use but not to distribute. They cannot be offered for sale and the university and the ISCWSA cannot accept any liabilities in the use of these. The presentation is available in full directly below, with each individual section available to watch separately below that.

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Want more information?  Please see our free to download ebook 'Introduction to Wellbore Positioning", co-written by Professor Jamieson, by clicking the link at the bottom of the navigation panel left or follow this  Link to the viewing and download page


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Section 1 - Why Survey?:

Section 2 - Coordinate Systems:

Section 3 - North References:

Section 4 - Survey Tools:

Section 5 - Error Models:

Section 6 - Correction Techniques:

Section 7 - Common Pitfalls: