School of Health, Social Care and Life Sciences

We are growing our research expertise in various aspects of health and wellbeing. The breadth of expertise within the School is delivered through complementary science disciplines, specialist centres and a dedicated clinical trials facility. Each group undertakes discrete research projects, as well as collaborative initiatives, that bring together specific skills and facilities to deliver holistic outcomes in health research and applied innovative nursing practice.

The Institute of Health Research and Innovation comprises three main groups:

Division of Biomedical Sciences

Division of Biomedical Sciences

Led by Professor Ian Megson, the mission of the division is to undertake world class research into the causes and treatment of diabetes and the cardiovascular diseases that the condition precipitates. The Division is based at the Centre for Health Science in Inverness, and conducts extensive research, primarily into the causes and consequences of diabetes, but also into a wide range of clinical conditions; most notably cardiovascular diseases, inflammatory diseases, and cancer.

The Division of Biomedical Sciences is also home to the Free Radical Research Facility, and has research expertise in genetics and immunology, lipidomics and proteomics and undertakes a range of  to support commercial entities of any size.

Division of Rural Health and Wellbeing

Division of Rural Health and Wellbeing

The University of the Highlands and Islands Division of Rural Health and Wellbeing has particular research interests in Digital Health and user engagement in rural health services design and delivery. The Rural Health and Wellbeing research group carries out innovative research and evaluation in the area of rural health, health services and community wellbeing. The group collaborates with other UHI researchers in, Inverness, Moray and Lews Castle Colleges as well as being a member of the Digital Health Institute and an RGU-UHI collaboration.

The university also hosts the .

We aim to contribute to the knowledge base on preventing ill-health and promoting wellbeing. Our research not only enhances understanding of patterns and experiences of health, illness and their underlying drivers, but also contributes to the development of health services policy and delivery that functions in as effective and appropriate ways as possible for staff, patients and families.

Department of Nursing

Department of Nursing

With expertise in patient and public involvement in research and engagement of the public in our research from start to finish, our work compliments the expertise available across the Institute of Health Research and Innovation.

Our Key research themes focus on:

  • Remote and rural health
  • Nursing workforce, education and pedagogy
  • Rehabilitation and physical activity
  • Quality improvement
  • Older people and dementia
  • Adolescent health
  • Palliative care

Healthcare Innovation

The School of Health, Social Care and Life Sciences also has a dedicated Healthcare Innovation Hub which addresses commercialisation matters for all divisions and departments within the school, one point of contact no matter if you are a business, staff or a student.

Innovation underpins all work in the school and a dedicated innovation team help ensure our researchers turn ideas into new businesses and commercialise novel technologies. The Innovation team webpages give you a flavour of their work, or you can contact them at

Applied Departments within the School

The Department of Nursing (teaching), which has close links with the Applied Life Studies Subject Network, sits within the overall School structure to maintain close links with the research-based divisions.

Health Research Assessment Results

Our Health researchers were submitted to REF2014, as part of a joint submission with The Robert Gordon University. We have an ongoing strong collaboration between the two institutions and an integrated strategy to tackle health issues relating to the north of Scotland - for more information see RGU/UHI joint health research alliance