APC payment application


Use this form to:

  1. Notify of an Article Processing Charge (APC) that may be due on an article and ask for advice on how could be paid
  2. Apply to the UHI Open Access publication fund to cover Article Processing Charges (APCs) for a peer reviewed journal or published conference proceedings
  3. Request an APC payment be made to your publisher from a local or Research Office fund.

Applying for an APC to be paid

If you have reached the point of choosing a journal to publish in and for some reason you cannot use the university preferred option of 'green' access, instead you wish to use the publisher 'Gold' access option that requires payment of an APC you should fund the payment from the following sources:

  • Research Project grant funding
  • Local APC fund

You should always attempt to pay an APC from project grant funds first.  If this is not possible then you should contact you local head of research to ascertain if there are local funds available to pay the APC for your article.

You must be the lead, or corresponding author, for an APC payment request to be considered from any university fund and cover, page or submission charges cannot be covered from institutional funds.

Applying to the Research Office for payment of an APC if project or local funding is not available:
Priority on APC payments from this fund would normally be given to outputs expected to achieve 3*/4* rating in the REF.

The Dean of Research has descretion on this fund and we aim to have a maximum turn-around of two working days to receive an answer following submission of this form to the research office. You will receive a response, whatever the outcome, and further instructions of how to proceed.

Data protection

By pressing 'Submit' on this form, you are consenting to any information you provide being held and processed by research support at the University of the Highlands and Islands for the purpose of administering your enquiry.

Your information will be held in our electronic systems. It will not be passed to any third party.