PURE info and guides


In a nutshell, PURE acts as our Institutional Repository and Research Data Management System - it can capture, order and offer the opportunity to report on a host of research activity, and we use it to prepare and submit our REF submission.

Increasingly it is being used as a tool to create web profiles for staff and research networks, a place to showcase our research, and for management reporting across the university. In brief PURE can; give public visibility of all research outputs on the branded UHI Research Database; Repository for research outputs (publications, films, artwork, books, reports), activities, events, interactions. Display on the UHI Research Database; Capture of research impacts information (including the ability to save related case studies); provide rich detail on research staff; hold and display detail of equipment, vessels, facilities and services; Secure in-house storage on UHI servers on UHI controlled database; Secure in-house storage of entire research datasets, and the ability to make available via the UHI Research Database.

All data is search engine discoverable.

If you are employed by the university and would like access to PURE you can request access by completing the online PURE new user form:


The Pure Academy is a global training program designed to help Pure users take advantage of the features in Pure. This program compliments the manuals and documentation embedded within Pure. New webinars are added to the resource as every session is recorded and made available at the Pure Academy.

System Updates/Future Plans

There is no downtime scheduled for Pure to allow for upgrades - next expected upgrade in April 2020.

Update to PURE 5.15.2 - 26 September 2019

We successfully upgraded our main Pure software to give us essential updates for REF planning.  Additional features also added are PlumX metrics for research articles (also displayed on the new public portal), ability to import output metadata from ORCiD, improved reporting capability and search engine optimization.

Update of our public research portal - Aug 2019 - Jan 2020

Following agreement from the university research committee, preparitory work to upgrade our public research portal took place during late 2019.  The preparations and implementation will have no noticeable affect on the editing area that staff use.  However, following testing, our new research portal became live 9 January 2020.  This new portal is very different to our current portal and should result in a much more 'user friendly' area that is geared to showcasing our research to potential collaborators, agencies, companies and potential students.

Update to 5.13.3 planned for 7AM-10AM Tuesday 22nd February 2019

The plan to apply updates to Pure on this day to take various improvements and new features had to be postponed, due to issues found within the release relating to management of our REF submission in Pure. An announcement will be made here and on the @Pure_UHI twitter account and via system message when we are sure the issues have been fixed by Elsevier and a date agreed to take our next update.

Current version PURE 5.11.1 - upgraded 15 Feb.

We upgraded to ensure we have the latest features and take advantage of bug fixes. The REF module has also be upgraded to reflect the new units of assessment and our public research portal has seen some upgrades too.

Previous version - PURE 5.8.3 - Upgraded May 3 2017

The update gave major improvements to our Research Database Portal with a number of new fields added to improve usability and the addition of key fields; Output download stats, Abstracs, Bibliographic note, Theses summary, Datasets summary, Projects summary and the licence applied to the work. The way activities are categorised has changed slightly with Prizes and Press/Media coverage moved to separate sections to make them more prominent. Also, the ability to add details on courses taught and Scopus journal metrics and improvements to the way SherpaRoMEO information is displayed.