Active data tools


There are various tools available to help you manage active data.  The below tools can help the various processes but you need to match the correct service with your needs. They are intended to help researchers manage data from its point of creation, facilitating its productive use in the present, but also establishing the support structures necessary to ensure its future survival. The list is complied by the Data Curation Centre and will clearly change over time, visit the page using the link at the bottom to explore your options:

  • cRunch
  • DataCite
  • DataStage
  • DataUp
  • DataVerse
  • DMPTool
  • EZID
  • figshare
  • iRODS
  • Kepler
  • LabTrove
  • myExperiment
  • PERICLES Extraction Tool
  • RSpace
  • Taverna
  • WebCite

Data Curation Centre suggestions for managing active data.